Geo Location + Social Media Success-Story

Adweek named it one of the “9 wildest pet ad’s ever.”
Mashable said, this “Social-Media-Idea has given billboards a whole new life.”

GranataPet Snack Check – Check-in, Snack-out – is a successful case to show the dogs high appreciation
of this dog food to the owners.

This innovative campaign connect a classic media with the digital media world. Bow! Wow!

// New York Festivals 2012, Innovative use of Media, Finalist
// Plakadiva 2012, Best Ambient GOLD
// Adage OOH Best of 2011, 5th
// Global Digital Advertising Awards 2011, Innovative SILVER
// Eurobest 2011, Media, Mobile, Outdoor and Promo/Activation Finalist
// London International Awards 2011, Non-Traditional Finalist
// Cannes Lions 2011, Outdoor Finalist
// (March 2011), Best Outdoor
// (March 2011), Outdoor SILVER

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I wanted to show this as a case study since I thought it was such a great example of how classic media combined with digital media can be so effective. Plus I love dogs and it’s a great dog related marketing campaign. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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