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The growth of the Internet and high-speed connections in every corner of the world has created global network of available talent. Having access to this talent can help you grow your business without the expense and continued overhead of hiring technical experts. Many small businesses and even large advertising agencies are realizing the benefits and scalable nature of using subcontractors. In these uncertain economic times making a long term hiring commitment to a high salaried technical expert can be a risky proposition.

I spent 10 years in the corporate world sourcing and managing talent for web applications and software development. It’s always nice when you can learn the best practices of how to find and work with top level technical talent while getting paid for it. My time in the corporate working for a publicly traded company taught me many valuable lessons and I am glad I was lucky enough to have the opportunity.

Ever since starting my own consultancy in 2007 I have been focusing on growing my sourcing network, building relationships and traveling to meet developers in person. Getting a chance to travel to and live in different parts of the world wile meeting and working with incredibly talented people has been a real privilege. One of the major benefits to working with us versus generic outsourcing directory websites is that we have a relationship with the developers.

I’m not saying that you wouldn’t be able to possibly find some good talent through and outsourcing website and over time build a relationship. I have heard of people using services like eLance and having good luck with a project getting done on time and within the original budget. I have also heard of major horror stories where the work was substandard, communication was a nightmare and the project went way over budget.We typically offer two ways to access our network of talent. The first and most common method is that we consult with you, figure out your needs, source the talent and manage the project. This gives us the most control, ensuring you end up with exactly what you want within your budget. For larger agencies that have their own project management team on staff we are happy to make introductions to our developers and let you work directly with them. First and foremost we are a consultancy, we believe in transparency and providing you with the best talent for the best value.

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