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I think one of the key things that keeps you sharp and creative is an enjoyable work environment and comfortable office furniture…  in this line of work some cutting-edge computer equipment and a plethora of tech gadgets is definitely a plus.

When we first started DFCO I may have overdone it a bit… I was so focused on having a cool trendy office location that I rented a loft in old town Fort Collins. Don’t get me wrong, the place was great and very enjoyable to work in but it was expensive and clients never visited us there. In this line of work as a consulting company the majority of our contact with clients is through phone, email and Skype. Geographically our clients are all over the place so meeting in person to discuss the development or marketing project is not that realistic.

Once I realize this it made everything a lot simpler. I was able to take it down a notch work from a modest home office and switch it up once in a while by working in coffee shops. The other great option that is available and most cities now is co-work environments. These places are great and solve them cater to creative professionals. You can rent desk by the day week or month and most of the facilities have a shared conference room and useful office equipment that you can use too.

This was a great step towards keeping overhead reasonable and having multiple environments available to work from. The next step that was huge in extending my productive work time was learning about some of the new technology available in office furniture.

Sitting all of the time at work is killing you! It may sound a bit dramatic but it is true. There has been a lot of research lately that is pointing to health problems being caused from long periods of sitting at the office. So many jobs nowadays require a constant use of a computer, ours included. Most the time using a computer whether it’s a laptop or desktop is done in a seated position… not anymore!

Two pieces of furniture technology that have changed my life…


The Powered Adjustable Standing or Sitting Desk

Powered Adjustable Standing or Sitting Desk



The Swopper Active Sitting Chair


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